Medical Pedicure

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Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure services offered in Newnan, GA

Medical pedicures do more than just maintain your nails: They freshen up your feet while helping to prevent issues like ingrown toenails and foot fungus. At Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness in Newnan, Georgia, Kibibi Wanzu, DPM, and Brittani Perry, NP, provide detailed medical pedicures to maintain your nails while soothing your skin. Call Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness or book an appointment online today. 

Medical Pedicure Q&A

What is a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure is a detailed service to maintain your toes and toenails. It involves multiple steps after your Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness provider initially examines your feet. During this step, they evaluate any foot conditions you have, such as fungal nails, warts, and corns or calluses. 

The next steps of a medical pedicure are as follows:

  • Cleansing your feet
  • Trimming and rounding your toenails
  • Cleaning underneath your nails
  • Filing your nails
  • Callus removal
  • Moisturizing your feet

Once the process is complete, your feet are perfectly clean and look much better than before. The skin is smoother, and the nails are well-groomed. 

What are the benefits of a medical pedicure?

Medical pedicures offer many benefits to consider in order to optimize your foot health and wellness. During your consultation at Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness, your provider can review the benefits of a medical pedicure to help you decide if you want to proceed with the treatment. Some of its potential benefits are:

  • Reducing foot odor
  • Preventing ingrown toenails
  • Cleaning your feet
  • Detecting undiagnosed foot conditions
  • Reducing foot fungus

Because a medical pedicure comes from a medical expert who is familiar with foot conditions, you can be sure of its safety.  You can also ask questions about foot health and learn how to prevent certain foot conditions in the process. 

How should I prepare for a medical pedicure?

You don’t need to do much before your medical pedicure. Your provider might advise you to come in ahead of time so they can consult with you about your expectations and goals in getting a medical pedicure. They might also examine your feet during this appointment. 

If you have foot conditions or injuries that could inhibit certain parts of the medical pedicure process, your provider might advise you to treat them before you get your pedicure at Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness. They might be able to treat your condition, but otherwise, they can refer you to a podiatrist for specialty care. 

Medical pedicures go beyond the scope of a typical pedicure to improve your foot health and cleanliness. Call Inspire Aesthetics and Wellness or book your medical pedicure online today.